(incomplete)List of all script conditions and actions.

Name field1 field2 field3 Description Notes
playerIsClose distance - -

Check whether player is closer than a set distance.

playerHasItem name count - Sees if the player is carrying the specified amount of the item.
playsAnimaion animationID - - Checks whether the traget object is playing the specified animation.
isPlayer - - - Checks whether the target object is a player.
botCountIsLessOrEqual Bot type Count - Checks the amount of a certain type of bots.
itemCountIsLess name Count Distance True if the count of specified type of items nearby is less than the specified amount.

Name field1 field2 Description Notes
reduceHealthSweep Distance Damage Reduces health from all players within the set distance from target object,
destroyTarget - - Destroys the target object.

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